Saturday, April 25, 2015

Marvel Comics Stained Glass Quilt

I have just finished making a quilt from the new Marvel Comics fabrics.  I used the Turning Twenty - Simply Sashed booklet by Tricia Cribbs.  I have many of her booklets and this one is my favorite.  The pattern I used from the booklet was the Stained Glass Pattern.  Finished Quilt is 75" x 92".  But can be easily made larger with the addition of a border.

When we got the Marvel Comics fabrics in I knew that we would have to make a quilt with them (my husband immediately claimed).  We just seldom get fabrics in that are so versatile and make great quilt kits for boy, teens and men.

The Stained Glass pattern in the booklet worked perfect for a comic quilt since the black sashing really matches the look of comic book pages.

I must admit that I was very inspired as I was sewing this quilt.  I re-watched (or listened) to the Avengers.

Of course I used moda black for the sashing and used a black with red polka dot for the backing.  I quilted in a wide meander.

Thanks for letting me share.


  1. How neat! I am making a Marvel quilt for my brother, the pattern is from a McCall's Quilting magazine and it looks like comic book panels also. I chose white as my sashing strips to look like paper, I wanted something that looked like newsprint but I couldn't find anything just right.
    Love your quilt!

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