Monday, October 31, 2016

What I am using for Bonnie Hunter Mystery -En Provence

Hello Friends,

Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville has released the color information for the 2016 Mystery  En Provence.
I plan on following along with the mystery.  But I have to honest.  Bright colors are out of my comfort zone.    But we have put together the Bright fabrics that are like the color chips.

Along with a bright Magenta for the Constant of the Bright Version.

However, if you have seen very much of my sewing.  You will notice I tend to like to sew more Civil War inspired tones.  So we have put together a version that uses more Civil War prints.

Lavender in Civil War Fabrics are just about impossible to find.  So we used a civil war pink as the Lavender.  I just love these colors all together.

We used a Red from the Antique Cotton collection by Pam Buda as the Constant in our Civil War Version.  I just love how it has a little of a pink undertone.

Well it is a good thing there are a few weeks between the color picks and the actual start of sewing.  It gives me time to get more fat quarters cut packed and ready to ship.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Scrapbook Quilt Pattern in Red

I have made the Scrapbook pattern by C McCourt Quilt Designs using assorted fabrics and it made a very scrappy looking quilt.  I don't enjoy piecing from scraps, but I do like to piece from fat quarters.  So this pattern is perfect for me.  Scrappy look without having to use scraps....

But I was wondering through the shop the other day looking for inspiration and thought that making the Scrapbook in one color way would be interesting.  So Red it was...

 I just love how you can really see the Cream pop in the pattern.  I used a cream Crackle to give the background some texture.  The border was a Tan Moda Bella Solid.  I had first put a tan print as the border, but after sewing it on, it was just not right.  Next to the floral border it was just way to busy.

There are only 9 large blocks that make up the quilt body.

I just love the red.  Red is not usually my go to color, but I love it.

I think it would be a great seasonal quilt as well.

We have hung the quilt at the shop as a shop sample if you would like to see it in person.

Thanks for letting me share.