Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weaver Fever

The Weaver Fever pattern by Jackie Robinson is one of the patterns many think looks so complicated, but really goes together very easily.  This  is my second Weaver Fever.  This is the Three-ver version.  The key to the Weaver Fever is fabric harmony and contrast. 

The Queen is a 92" x 112" which is a large Queen. 

I went with an orange to red for the darker weave and light to dark gold tones for the lighter weave.

It all started with the poppy fabric that I used for the border.  It is so bright and happy.

I quilted in a scroll and leaf combination so that the weave pattern would be the focus and not the quilting.   
  If you haven't tried the Weaver Fever by Jackie Robinson.  Don't be afraid.  It is just a strip pieced, 10.5" block (yes the same block) that repeats over the quilt.  
 Thanks for letting me share.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Over the River and Through the Woods

Yes, I can do some hand work.  No not hand quilting, but hand embroidery.  The first hand embroidery quilt that I finished was the Over the River and Through the Woods by Crabapple Hill Studio.  I have seen it on several blogs and was just in love with the pattern.  I would love to say that it stitched quickly, but there was a billion tree branches.  I like to sew at night, so I kept it in the family room to stitch on if I sat down to watch T.V. with the family.  As usual, I would get started stitching and the rest of the family would go to bed and I would want to just finish this next little section and finally make it to bed several hours later.  There should be a disclaimer on the patterns that states    -  Warning....Highly Addictive.....

This photo is the finished quilt.
  I decided on redwork so that it would be great for the holidays.  And I added the extra border on the outside just to make it a little larger.

I told you there were billions of tree branches to stitch.

 When I quilted it (by machine) I wanted to give it more detail, so I quilted clouds in the sky and smoke coming out of  the chimney.  I made drifts in the snow. 
I quilted trees on the center panel.

Thanks for letting me share my quilt today.  I really enjoyed making it.  I have made a few more of the Crabapple Hill Studio projects that I will probably share with you soon.  I usually keep some kind of embroidery going at all times.  But it just does not get completed as quickly as the other projects.  But if something is happening where I have to have a project to go.  I will grab the bag and have a little hand project to keep me out of trouble.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sherman's March

I pieced and quilted the Sherman's March by Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts).  It is really the one that is talked about the most at the shop right now.  When I finished quilting it I thought it would be perfect for my bedroom.  But I think there have been several people thinking that their name should be on the quilt when it has finished it's time at the shop.  But it will be hard to let it go....I am pretty sure it will have to say with me. 

 This is another one of the patterns that I have carried around for along time just trying to find the right fabrics.  Finding blacks that look good together is not as easy as one might think.  When we got in the Cumberland Collection, I knew it would be perfect for this quilt. Nice deep black with a soft cream instead of a stark white or tan.

The photo doesn't show the background very well.  It is a tone on tone print.  I don't usually like to use tone on tone because I sew at night and the tone on tone are hard to tell the right and wrong sides in the dark.  But once daylight comes all the wrong pieces show up.  But I couldn't see a solid background looking right to me.  It just needed a little motion.

I quilted the background squares with what I call peacock feathers.  The border has the same quilting pattern.  I quilted the pieced blocks in the background only with little arcs to give the black prints some depth.   Of course the red is solid Moda red. 
Thanks for letting me share my Sherman's March with you today.