Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Labyrinth - Arabella Rose by RJR Fabrics

This weekend was very productive for me.  I was able to get the Labyrinth (Calico Carriage Quilt Design by Debbie Maddy) in the Arabella Rose by RJR Fabrics pieced and quilted.  Purple is not a color that I usually sew with, not that I don't like purple.  But looking though my quilts, I have noticed that there is just not much purple.  I tend to go to blue...a lot (that is my favorite color). 

When I saw this line and especially the large floral.  I just knew I need to sew with it. 

This is my third Labyrinth.  I love the pattern.  It looks so difficult, but I can piece the top in a good 5 hours.  I just love how the maze pattern looks.  To me it is important for the maze to look seamless, I have to use fabrics that you can not easily pick out the seams.  The fabrics on the bolts that are used to make some of the maze pieces.


I just quilted the Labyrinth in a all over leafy vine.   I used a cream/tan paisley for the backing.  

Thanks for letting me share my work from this weekend.  I was able to get the quilt pieced and quilted this weekend, but the binding didn't make it on until yesterday. 


  1. Love the floral! Sharp looking quilt! Totally understand about the seamless appearance....important in the overall appearance....:)

  2. A very successful quilt! Love that big floral, too!

  3. I don't think I have ever seen the Labyrinth pattern in something other than batiks- it looks very nice! I've had my eye on that pattern or awhile now.