Friday, October 21, 2016

Scrapbook Quilt Pattern in Red

I have made the Scrapbook pattern by C McCourt Quilt Designs using assorted fabrics and it made a very scrappy looking quilt.  I don't enjoy piecing from scraps, but I do like to piece from fat quarters.  So this pattern is perfect for me.  Scrappy look without having to use scraps....

But I was wondering through the shop the other day looking for inspiration and thought that making the Scrapbook in one color way would be interesting.  So Red it was...

 I just love how you can really see the Cream pop in the pattern.  I used a cream Crackle to give the background some texture.  The border was a Tan Moda Bella Solid.  I had first put a tan print as the border, but after sewing it on, it was just not right.  Next to the floral border it was just way to busy.

There are only 9 large blocks that make up the quilt body.

I just love the red.  Red is not usually my go to color, but I love it.

I think it would be a great seasonal quilt as well.

We have hung the quilt at the shop as a shop sample if you would like to see it in person.

Thanks for letting me share.


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