Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stars over Fort Sumter

I had been wanting to quilt a quilt with a light background to try some mini stacked peacock feathers (I am sure that is not the official name, but that is what I call them) as a background fill.  And as I was looking for my inspiration for the Green (from the previous post), I saw the Stars over Fort Sumter and it was perfect for what I had in mind. 

Who doesn't love the Dark Chocolate and Pinks.  Using a light cream Moda background really lets the colors pop.
Close up so that you can see the quilting idea that was what started the whole thing.  I love how it gives the quilt a unique texture without taking away from the overall quilt pattern.
I didn't go a very good job timing myself on how long it took to quilt it.  I just kept quilting, and quilting, and quilting.  Good thing that I don't need much sleep.
Thanks again for letting me Share.


  1. Are you quilting on a long arm machine? Your quilting is beautiful! If it is a long arm, do you quilt for other people?

  2. Your quilting is so pretty on this quilt! I went through a phase of doing 1930's with white on whites and all my quilts had, "too-much-white-disease" LOL!
    But here you have balanced the extra cream color with the interesting texture of the quilting so it looks fabulous. Good job!

  3. It's beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Like you when I'm in the zone, I keep

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