Saturday, August 24, 2013

What to do with all that green????

I was asking myself what to do with all that green fabric that we had recently put online.  Green is not my usual color of choice when I am in the mood to sew, but I kept coming back to the section of the shop that held the Tavern Green by Paula Barnes and all the green in the Vintage Rouge by Faye Burgos. The question kept coming - What to do with all that green?  Next comes flipping through all the pattern that I have that are inspiration.  Then I looked at patterns that I have had for a while or that I have already made quilts from.  And I kept coming back to the James River Blues by Bonnie Blue Quilts (now Red Crinoline Quilts).  I have made many BBQ (Red Crinoline Quilts) patterns and love them all.  So James River Blues....Green.

I love the texture of the quilt.  I think it is a great everyday quilt, but I can see it at Christmas on the foot of the guest room bed.

 I quilted the quilt with meandering feathers.  I was having a hard time finding an idea to do detailed work on the quilt.  So an all over design fit it best for me.  Plus, I have not had an easy quilt to quilt lately, so it was a nice not to over think the quilting.

 I chose a green from the Tavern Greens collection for the backing.  I have a weakness for stripes on backs.  Not really sure why.

Thanks for checking out my James River Blues....Greens.


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  2. beautiful!! Thanks for showing the back as well!