Monday, March 31, 2014


Marguerite by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. is hanging in our shop.  But I used a large floral print as the alternating print in the pattern.  The quilt finishes 74" x 74", but could easily be made large with the addition of borders. 
All over photo of the quilt.
I just love how Miss Rosie sneaks in the stars in the quilt.  Just a few scattered around.

I quilted with a meandering flower.  I tried to make them look like roses.  But some of them have more petals then the others.  I put a cream tone on tone on the back.  The bold floral on the front needed a calm back.
Close up of the block.  I also bound the quilt with the large floral used in the alternating blocks.

Thanks for looking..

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  1. That was a bold choice to use the floral and it really paid off in this very successful quilt! The quilting is perfect for the quilt and thanks for the photo of the back so that we can see the quilting clearly. Nice work!